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Auditions and Tech Interviews

Hadestown Auditions and Interviews

Auditions for Hadestown: Teen Edition will be held on August 27 and 28, with callbacks on August 29. Technical crew interviews will take place on August 29.

For Tech Interviews:

Please register for an interview time here. Interviews will be held in the theatre room, room M-3.

For your interview, you will be speaking with the backstage manager and with the crew chiefs of the different technical teams. Please dress professionally and arrive five minutes before your scheduled interview time. If you have a portfolio to showcase previous work, feel free to bring it with you. For the interview itself, please be prepared to discuss specifically what teams you would like to be a part of, and what skills and experience you have.

Technical team assignments will be finalized by September 2. If you are assigned to a team, your crew chief will reach out to you via email to go over scheduling with you.

Particular members of the technical crew will be required to be at the performances on November 1, 2, and 3. All cast and crew are required to be at strike on Monday, November 4.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Mr. Whitcomb at

For Auditions:

Please register for an audition time here. Auditions will be held in the theatre on August 27, and in the library on August 28. Auditionees should check in with the stage manager at least five minutes before your scheduled audition time. Check-in will be in the room M-3 on August 27, and in the Open Commons on August 28. Please dress professionally and appropriately.

For auditions, you will need to perform a memorized 60-90 second monologue, and sing a 16-32 bar cut of a musical theatre song. You may use find your own monologues and songs, or you may use the ones found here and here. For your song, you will need to bring a track; an accompanist will not be provided. Should you use one of the songs from the link above, you will need to choose just a 16-32 bar section (roughly 30 seconds to a minute), and make sure your track is cued to where it needs to be.

Choose audition pieces that reflect the character or characters you are auditioning for. Here is a character breakdown for the show. Please pay attention to the descriptions of the characters, and to their vocal ranges.

If you are asked to come to callbacks, callbacks will be held on Thursday, August 29, from 3:15pm until 6:00pm, in the theatre. The list of auditionees asked to callbacks will be posted the evening of August 28 to both the troupe website and the troupe Instagram (@theatreonthejames). Auditionees invited to callbacks should come dressed in comfortable shoes and clothes for the dance portion of the callbacks.

The cast list will be posted to the troupe website and the troupe Instagram by August 30. Rehearsals begin on September 3. Auditionees who are not cast but who wish to be a part of a technical team will be given the opportunity to interview during the week of September 3. Please be aware that all cast and crew are required to be at strike on November 4.

There will be an audition workshop, as well as a workshop on how to film prescreens and self-tapes for college auditions, on August 17, from 12pm until 5pm. There is no charge for this workshop, and it is open to any current or upcoming James River High School student.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Mr. Whitcomb at